Monthly baby contests-

I have ask BB if they would let us do monthly baby contests and their staff could judge or maybe set up some way for us to vote but only if we are on BB and only 1 time -I dont know if they will do it, but if not I think we could still do something here on a monthly basis.
I got some award stickers and can have Hubby make an award certificate for each months winner-- we all could inter dolls and each doll could maybe be given points for diff. areas like ver all presentation , skin tones, blushing,creases,nails,lips, eyes/lashes, Hair rooting /painting, layette and monthly theme-anyway its a thought and I am open to any Ideas on some way to make this work here on BB -I quess its left over from showing the cats but I wana have some baby contests on a regular basis

I think that is a fabulous idea and I am all for it.

Oh what a great idea!!! I like the logo as an award. It does not cost anything but give recognition for a job well done! Maybe each month could have a theme…

I am glad ya like the Idea -What kind of a logo ?? Like: I won this months Bountiful baby of the month !! or something ??? I love that Idea and could still do a certificate so it could go with the babys auction or what ever!!!
any Ideas on how we could set up judging or voting if BB dosent want to do it -it may take up to much of their time.
Some options I have thought up :
#1 have a panel of say 3-5 artists on BB judge and the panel could change each month
#2 create a form that each person could fill out and submit and have someone add up the scores and announce the winner
#3 Set it up like a poll and the one with the most votes would win

this would be fun!

Hey Cher -

Great idea! I’ve got a suggestion… Although I have never done it, I have seen others do it.

What we do is have twelve forum members each take one month where they will set up a poll on this forum. Those wanting to enter that month would send their photos to that month’s poll leader. She will refrain from entering or voting that month (since she will know who made each entry). She can enter and vote on the remaining 11 months but not the month that she is in charge of. Photo entries can be accepted until day 20 of each month and day 21 the poll becomes active and everyone can vote. On the last day of the month, the poll is closed and a winner declared.

Does this make sense? How does that sound?

A logo for that theme would be fun. Maybe one person who is not participating would be willing to “collect” the submissions through pm and then the person posts them with ID numbers. People would just vote by posting the number. I don’t know if I’m making sense.

Carmen nailed it. Perfect plan and completely fair. I think contests are fun. We don’t always have time for them every month but it gives everyone something to look forward to. And anonymous voting and scoring is great!


I do not know how to set up a poll but would be so greatful if Active members would volinter to do this -Only active BB members should set up the polls as they are the folks that are here all the time and invested in BB .
Shall we say Feb is “Hearts n flowers theme”- This would give everyone about 5-6 weeks .
Well someone create the logo-I was thinking it should be the BB logo with a Monthly theme boarder and say Winner of BB’s Best Baby of the month- or something like that.

I am not sure, Cher, but it doesn’t seem that this forum has the ability to create a poll. A question, with the theme you suggested, what exactly are we looking for? Is it just a matter of one’s interpretation of that theme?

I thought for sure that polls have been created on this forum… I think I remember a “biy” or “girl” - help me choose kind of thing…

I don’t know if it is too late to start a February poll - entries should have been collected from Jan 1 - 20th and voting to start on Jan. 21st. But, if we want to maybe re-dress one and photograph (quickly) in time for voting to start next week… Or do we want to vote in arrears? What I mean is that the voting that occurrs at the end of the month is for the month that is just finishing up. Either way works. Anyway… lots of good things to think about.

If it is alright with all of you, I will take the first month and create the poll… Anyone wanting to participate can email pictures to me at I like the idea that the winner then takes the next month. The only immediate problem that I see is… what if the same person keeps winning every other month? (The in-between months she would be running the poll and not participating)

Excellent Idea! That would be so much fun:)

The problem I see is that there are some (like me ) who just dont know enough about computers to set up a pole-I love the Ideas and sure hope we can all work this out -Carmen I was thinking that we would vote on feb babies IN feb -but I am open to what everyone else prefers -
Questions to address:
#Should this be limited to only BB sculpts or Any Sculpt -I think any but want your advise
#should we have rules about what we want to see in the submittion photos -like whole baby ,closeup of face and hair , and feet /hands- Or just one or two pics
#Should we get say the first 6 mo set up in advance so we are sure this will be done every month
Seems like we have alot of the bugs worked out so come-on ladies and lets figure out the rest !!!

That all sounds good to me, Cher! Great ideas…