Mono rooting human hair

What’s the best needle for mono rooting human hair? Honestly I hate rooting but am working on a Jordyn kit and wanted to give it a shoot since it is one of the bigger heads


I used a really small crown needle, separated one hair at a time and poked it in. It took years. Lol.

I assume the ones you can buy at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby should work, I plan to slowly work on it, it’s for me so I’m in no hurry lol!

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@snuggle2me has done human hair rooting and there is a short video of hers about it… not sure if she states the needle she uses but she may pop on here and tell you. ( I rewatched it a bit and she does state her needle - 42 forked)


Cool, thanks for sharing! :smile:

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In that YouTube video I’m actually rooting a Jordyn. Big head to root but worth it in the end. She turned out gorgeous. I rooted with a 42g forked needle.

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The needles at hobby lobby are a little big and tend to leave a visible hole. If your heavy rooting it probably won’t matter but if your going to try micro rooting you want a smaller needle.

I think I am going to try the 42g forked needle and see how that works out, I watched your video and I think it will be extremely helpful when I start. I am still painting

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I just checked mine for comparison. The ones from hobby lobby are actually pretty thin. They should be fine to use.

do you think a barbed needle would work just as well? I think that’s what they have at hobby lobby

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I don’t know. I started off using forked needles. I tried a 46g barbed once and couldn’t get the hang of them.

The barbed ones I have from hobby lobby I’ve only used to felt animals. I’ll have to test them to see.

I will do some trial and error on a test limb with what I already have and see how it goes, I have some barbed I think, if that does not work out then I will try the forked

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I like the single barb needles. Multiple barbs leave plugs.

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The craft needles are for needle-felting, not for mono rooting. Treat yourself to some nice ones instead.

I use the proper ones as stated earlier for rooting, 42g forked. I use the craft ones for felting animal. I was just stating that both are about the same size in comparison.

Sorry. I misunderstood you. I probably didn’t read all the posts. (Bad habit of mine.) :blush:

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I was thinking that. I also apologize if my post came off harsh. I didn’t mean to sound snappy. Dealing with ex husband’s crazy wife issues and I responded just after dealing with them. Hugs!