Mohair Issue

I guess this is a little venting. I brought a some mohair some time ago. I normally don’t root but rather paint hair. I haven’t really used it besides rooting eyelashes and such. So I thought it was weird that the whole mohair bundle came in 1 long strip. I just pull it apart in a few strips at a time. Then cut in smaller pieces 2-3 inches to root. The strips are like 7-9 inches but moving along. So today I decided to pull it all apart, comb it all, put it in bundles because it is extremely frizzy but it is not really bad quality at all in my opinion. It’s like in the middle. So I begin bundling and combing. I noticed that large amount of hair coming from the bundles. Like so much hair is wasted. Like all of it combed out is not an oz which I paid. If feel it should have been combed out and bundled then weighed by the seller.

So this is it combed and the other is one of the strips

Like look at all this hair from these two bundles

Most times when they do the long strips of hair they sort of “weave” (Not sure that is the right word) the lengths together so in other words you are not getting on really long strip of hair. the lengths may be only 3 -4 inches and they start with a piece and maybe half way down start a new length and 'weave it into one long piece…with those you have to sort of "pull them apart from one end and not cut then otherwise you end up with lots of ‘too short’ pieces…Sorry that happened to you…I never buy the mohair on the long strips…Slumberland, Nagel and others sell it already combed and separated and it saves lots of trouble time and mohair…


I didn’t know it was going to be long strips. My main issue is why was it combed. I wouldn’t lost so much hair. I wish I knew that the strips were only 3-5 inches. I would have kept pulling. That is probably why I lost so much. I thought the strips were longer. Now that I think about it the combed bundles are probably 3-5 inches.

It looks pretty dry. I am not sure I would waste my time rooting it? I haven’t even seen mohair that is sold like what you bought. Who was the seller so we can stay far far away?

@pia I don’t normally root but I had this in black, med brown, and blonde. I got it when I first started reborning. I only use it for eyelashes. I have tried the black in a head. Once it was and conditioned it looked pretty good.

This was my first time rooting so it wasn’t good. It was wet there.

I tried it again here. That brown but I’m really a good rooter so I never finished. It was dry her.

Upclose. Once again I’m not a good rooter.

The brown again.

This was it washed and conditioned too.

That’s the thing I feel like it is much better when it is washed, conditioned, and combed.

The blonde is just ugh. I didn’t even give that a try. It is a frizzy mess. Not worth my time.

This is it up close & combed out.