Mohair help?

Can anybody give me some advice please?

I am getting a reborn made for me, explained what I want in terms of details, hair/eye colour and so on and I thought I’d help the artist out by finding the mohair myself. The trouble is I don’t know what I need to be looking for. There’s loads on etsy and ebay but how do you know which to go for, what’s the difference? How do I make sure I get the right colour? I’m after plain baby brown yet I can’t find one called this so does it have another name? Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Have you tried Slumberland? I’m pretty sure they have a “baby brown”.

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@Rainbowbabies on the forum here , makes beautiful baby brown mohair

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You should ask the artist. She might even have a stash at home.

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I did ask the artist, she doesn’t have any.

This might be a stupid question but does the hair come out the same shade as the sample picture or does it go shades lighter due to being finer placed once rooted in?

If you root it sparsely it’ll usually look a bit lighter.

I feel like it always roots a shade lighter than before it is rooted