Mohair haul From Angela Sprott :)

I finally was able to grab some of Angela sprotts (spell check) mohair. And wow! I can see why it’s always sold out so quickly. First the way it’s packaged makes me feel so spoiled! She even has divided it into smaller sections, has it wrapped well in tissue, and the cut end is marked. And it’s gorgeous ! I will post pics when I start rooting with it. I’ve included pics of how it’s packaged and the last pic is how I store my mohair and tape the business card to he outside. I store the bags in a plastic storage box. Thank you, Angela for the care you put into your mohair. I will be ordering again. The curls are beautiful and so soft.

How I store it:


I haven’t used her hair but I hear it’s great!

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Her hair is the only kind I use now! It’s awesome and she’s a sweetheart.

I’m watching! Missed out on last batch

I used her darkest brown on my two Jai-Li Bos babies and it was super nice.

that is so thoughtful that she marks the cut end!

I love her mohair! I just sent a desperate sos for more. I have a deadline of next weekend to finish a baby. But ran out.:pensive:

I love hers too Its very nice top grade mohair

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Just order my first order! Can’t wait to try it!

You are so welcome. I love love love the texture. Please put me on your mail list. I plan on doing reviews on different suppliers once I launch my blog. Do you mind if I post a link to your etsy? :slight_smile:

I would like to try a bit of your mohair . Do you have a website ? I would like to see what you have. Crystal

She usually posts on the forum when she processes new batches. It sells out fast and it’s gorgeous. Not sure she has any available right now but you can message her on this forum. :slight_smile:
Here’s her etsy:
AngelasPremiumMohair - Etsy

thank you .