Mohair Conditioner

I send mohair conditioner with all my babies that are top rooted, just a little 2oz. bottle. I make it myself, It took me a year to get it right. I have pretty bad allergies to products and fragrance so I needed to make something that was specific to mohair and alpaca, natural-ish, shelf stable without preservative chemicals, had a little fun color but not anything that would stain paint, no alcohol, and I had to use natural fragrance oils so I wouldn’t end up with a rash and a three day head ache (which I did a lot in the process). I sold a little bit of it but it kinda felt like too many trips to the post office to mail tiny bottles, not my best business move.
I also scent all my babies and had to make that from scratch so I wouldn’t end up all itchy and sneezy… I came up with something I personally like.

I have had really good feedback about those products and I am always asked if I would be willing to start selling it again.

Well today I am mixing, brewing, pouring, labeling…

I think I will sell it on I noticed there are other conditioners there but there is always room for more. Mine might be a little more expensive because I had to use ingredients that worked more for me than the bottom line if you know what I am saying. It is also pretty time consuming to make.

I am hoping these products will help people who can’t use the regular stuff, it is something for them to try anyway. You never know how sensitive another person might be.

Funny story, when I first started making babies I put a few of those baby powder scented pellets in their glass stocking, I think it was a Downy product. I almost ended up in the hospital, I couldn’t figure it out, I was wheezing and covered in hives, my eyes were swelled up, I was itching and sneezing.

A lot of Benadryl…inhaler, showers… five days later I was fine.

Long story, sorry, just sharing all the things. If you are someone who contacted me for some, it will be over on Reborns in a week or so.

If you are sending babies with those scented wafers check in with your clients, let them know you can leave them out if they are sensitive to fragrance, those are hard on a lot of people.


I have both of these products and they smell really good. :heartpulse:


Your conditioner smells AMAZING. My daughter and I spritz it on like body spray :heart:


I’ve totally stopped sending wafers. I used to ask did they want them, then I started sending a wrapped wafer with everyone, then I just stopped. If someone wants baby specifically scented I do have an oil I use but that’s only if they ask for it!


I’d love to try some!

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I love to get some

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Thanks, Universe, for the small favors! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


What was the name of your product and or nursery name.

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Saint Cloud Nursery.

It will be listed in my nursery on, and in accessories, just waiting on some labels.

The perfume may take a little longer I need it to brew a bit longer.