Mixing different traditional natural colors of Mohair

I have been mixing mohair colors, just very similar shade has anyone done any mixing of mohair that they felt might be too far apart in color but ended up looking very natural? If so can you share some pics?:slightly_smiling_face:

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Bump… Anyone?

I mixed very light honey blonde with a fawn color, it came out looking pretty good. The fawn is like a light brownish color and the blonde is super light.
i don’t have a pic of the fawn by itself but here’s pic of the two mixed as well as a baby rooted with just the blonde


Thank you, beautiful babies :heart_eyes:

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I wasn’t sure about doing pale blonde and fawn brown on my Joseph but I did like the effect it gave! I think it can work out nicely!


I think it looks very natural with the pale blonde around the hairline.


It looks good. Adorable babies.