Missized eyes?

Most kits with open eyes have eye sockets that don’t match and often doesn’t show up too much until you try to set you eyes and can’t get them right-----because the eye hole is different!! My question is do you usually leave the eye alone or do you try to cut it out to match the other one better???


I leave it alone. I do not trust myself to try and fix anything haha.


I leave them as they are. I don’t trust myself either. I know if mess it up big time. :frowning:

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I leave them alone, too.

Thanks ladies, I was just curious as to what you all did.

You know Michele, it makes it very hard to set the eyes and have them look right when the actual cut-out is off. Some of them are so bad that it doesn’t seem to matter what you do the eyes never look right. The colored part of your eye should be the same distance top and bottom and it’s hard to do on some kits, in fact it’s impossible!! it’s much more noticeable on kits that have big open eyes, that’s why I don’t care too much for them.

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