Miss Sophia Grace and her Daddy

Taken 7 minutes ago Let me know when you get tired of my obnoxious bragging about this little princess…not sure it’ll stop me, but at least I’ll KNOW.

Nope…I’m not tired either…just keep them coming. She’s beautiful!!!

Doesn’t the world seem like a happier place when a baby’s around? I cannot WAIT to get to Florida…it’s MY TURN to hold this little angel!

I just posted on Debra Jenkins post about how adorable she is!! Need a sculpt!!

She is adorable and I love seeing her pictures. I am hoping to get some grand baby loves this weekend.

Please post pics of your grandbabies Debora; I love seeing babies…ALL babies!

Thank you, Karen!

Yes, thank you so much for sharing - she is adorable and has the sweetest little face!

Karen, she’s a sweetheart…hmm…I have relatives in Florida I could visit and then have some time with Sophia. I guess we’d have to take turns holding her!

Rhonda we could take turns holding her, and I bet we’d both just be as happy as clams!

Karen She is turly beautiful!!!

Princess Sophia is Always welcome !!!-Brightens our day to see her sweet lil face !!!

— Begin quote from “CrafterJen”

I love looking at baby pics so much that, even as a child, I would look at the Sears and Penney catalogs for long periods of time. I not only looked at the toys, I looked at the “baby stuff.” I could look at the playpens, strollers, high chairs, sleepers, changing tables, etc. for hours. The babies in the catalogs and in the pattern books at the yarn shop were so much fun. Even now, I look at vintage baby stuff on ebay. Does anyone else have this affliction?

— End quote

Absolutely - same thing with me. I am always checking out baby furniture and clothing for my little keepers.