Miss LeeLou

She is almost ready for eBay.


She is so pretty

Oh, sooooo BEAUTIFUL! :heart:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Her lips are photographing much darker than they are in real life. Yikes.


What did you use for the pretty sheen on the eyelids? She’s too cute :heart:

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So pretty!

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What a beauty!!!

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I love this baby! She was a joy to reborn, she was even wearing the same outfit as yours ! Great minds lol


She’s gorgeous xx

She is a little sweetheart!!

Thank you so much, ladies! I wasn’t too crazy about her at first, and then I put her together and realized she is cute.

Jessejuice, I used Aleen’s Paper Glaze on her lids, nose, and mouth. It goes on smooth.

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Your Leelou had that outfit, too? It seems made for her, doesn’t it? I love how it brings out her pink coloring when she has it on.


it does! yours is beautiful!

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