Miss Fishy give away

Hey ladies, I looked at my IG and noticed I am almost at 5K subs. It doesn’t really matter to me if I have 5 or 5,ooo, I just appreciate the feedback, the kindness, and I love sharing the babies. I don’t sell from IG, really it’s just a giant portfolio. I am not super active on social media, I do a little morning FB to catch up with friends and family and I will post babies now and then on IG. I am still not a TT girl, I find it too complicated. I have long given up tweeting…boring.

I digress because I am designed that way.

I have Miss Fishy, a great big BB toddler-esque (Grumpa) circus baby that I made. I happen to l love her to pieces but she is taking up a lot of room in my studio and she needs to be in a cute high chair in someones home eating a fake cupcake, and wearing adorable silly outfits.

I made her swim cap out of some silk hydrangea flowers, it took forever to find that pink and even l longer to. make the cap.

I have decided to try to get to 5K and celebrate, for no other reason than to have a met goal, fun and celebrate something silly. I am not monetized, I don’t make money from IG… I was just looking for an excuse really.

So If you have not, and you wanna get this baby (for the price of shipping) go on over and comment on the post, that will be my way of keeping track of who is entered. Not sure how I will draw the winner, I think the mouse and I will figure that out later.

No purchase necessary. You don’t even have to follow me, it would be nice so we can hurry up and get this baby home but it is up to you, do your thing, your way. Invite a friend, say hi, tell me a joke, let’s just get a little happy going.

If I know you but don’t follow you remind me. If you are an old timer like me but you still don’t do IG, You are SOL, as my dad would say but no worries, I will do another one here on the forum maybe in December?

I have a silicone that was my class project baby, that poor little orphan needs some love…I am thinking I may make him a give away at some point also. Spread the love baby.

Have a super great day ladies



She brought an instant smile to face as soon as i scrolled down :hugs::heartpulse:

I don’t have insta…but I hope you make to to 5k!!!

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What a generous thing to do! Of course you will make it to 5000! :tada: I’m SOL as your Dad said :smile:


Just shared this cutie to my IG stories! Let’s get you to 5K! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Awww SOL here too lol but she’s the cutest version of Grumpa that I’ve seen yet :joy: she wanted to be a circus baby :grin:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: i just figured out what SOL means…takes me a minute…or 20 :joy::joy::joy:


Me too!

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You rock sis! Thank you for the shout out, can’t wait to pick a winner.


She totally did, I had fun the whole time, she does have hair, just a hot pink curl on top and by her ears, it is ridiculous and I love it.


I’m not an IG’er but I sure was a devoted YOU TUBE follower when you were on there! I could sit for hours and watch your videos, sure do miss them!


Awwww… I wish I wouldn’t have run into that technical glitch. I have the best intentions with the new You Tube but I just can’t find the time to film and edit. Hopefully there will be some spare time after the holidays to get a new channel up. Thank you for indulging me.


You’re welcome.