Where can I go to buy Miracle kit

PM you


You can also order at McPhearson’s but she will not have as many available. Pre-order is at 6:00pm Eastern Time.

I always go to LLE’s site. MacPherson usually sells out in about 8 seconds! Oh no, time for my heart palpitations to start again! I’ve already got the site open, though I’ll wait until 5:50 to start hitting the refresh button like and insane person LOL

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Phew! I’m really getting the hang of this! Payment receipt received from paypal at 6:00:03! Now I hope I actually got one LOL!

Should have said 6:00:03! I hit that button the minute it showed up, and now the site is locked down here.

The pre-order button was there, but after about 3 minutes, paypal said the kit was sold out. I don’t know if that was a glitch, but either way, this one sure went fast!

LLE site showed sold out when I looked at it at 5:06 Central. I think you can still order in Australia and other places though. What site still works?

Did you get one, Pia? I think the order button was still up on LLE’s site after the kits sold out. It was paypal that was saying the kits were no longer available.

Pay pal reciept sent. Hopefukky they did not oversell like Esme

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Wow, so excited, look at my typos…lol

I got mine a 5:01:51 Central time. LLE site froze and I had to open a new window. Ordered and completed PayPal and it was slow to finalize! Got confirmation from PayPal.

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Will it take you to PayPal if you try to order? It says “sold out” when I look at it? Have you refreshed the page?

No button on my page! Just says SOLD OUT!

Did everyone that wanted one manage to get one?

I’m not ! I live in Asia with 12 hours difference time. And made BIG mistake about the time… Ohhh i hate myself…

I just received the paypal receipt and no other confirmation. I don’t think I’ve ever received anything else from LLE when I’ve pre-ordered one of her kits. Don’t worry: she said on her fb page that she didn’t over-sell. You should be fine.