Mini Prices

Just curious how much reborn minis generally sell for.

Is there a set price you charge?

Are the prices comparable to a full size newborn because there’s the same attention to detail, or less because there’s less surface area to cover?

Do cuddle babies and minis usually run about the same price wise?

I don’t see a lot of minis for sale.

Thanks, guys. :slightly_smiling_face:

For me, it depends on the cost of the supplies. Some mini kits cost $25-$30, some cost twice that, so a selling price between $175-$250 for 10" minis is reasonable, I think. They’re smaller, but everything else is the same-same number of layers, same number of bakes, etc., and those minuscule nail tips are hard. Rooting takes less time because the heads are so small.


the price would definitely be wayyyy less on minis and cuddle babies.


I feel in general, people expect it to be less but I find painting minis way harder due to how tiny they are and the clothing and accessories are soo expensive :heart:


Yes, this^^^^^

Unless they come from BB, minis are pretty pricey for the most part. Wee Patience, for example, is a $70 kit. It took me just as much time to paint her as it does a newborn, believe it or not. Anything I may have saved on materials, I spent on custom made clothing and accessories. I probably couldn’t get more than $300-$350 for her, yet my newborn size dolls sell for double or more all day long.

In short, they are cute but I don’t paint them.


Same here