Mini dolls

I’m very new to making dolls and I cant figure out how much the Byron kit should weigh, I’m at the stage of putting him together and I dont know what an appropriate weight would be. Could someone help me with this?

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I don’t actually know but could you look up what real babies that size weigh and do that? I think for me, having the weight be realistic is an important thing. I hope someone that actually knows what they are talking about can help you out.

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I’ve made Byron a couple of times and each time he weighed about a 1.5 pounds. In the body, I mix my glass beads with stainless steel beads (BB’s). This adds weight but still allows room for polyfill. If you just used glass beads to give him a decent weight his body would feel like a bean bag.

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My Byron weighed 1 lb, 4 oz. I put glass beads in his limbs. Because he’s so small, I put poly pellets in his body. (Like a bean bag)

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I’ve weighted all the parts and the body but the leg socket thingy is acting like its to small and I cant fasten the leg into it and I’m wondering if anyone has had this problem with the Byron kit?

Can you show a picture?

when I pull on the strings to tighten it it won’t fit the leg

I didn’t buy this kit, it was given to me as a birthday gift a couple years ago and my sister said that since she didn’t have money at the time she bought a cheaper body and a seconds kit, I also had a problem with the plug but I got that resolved

I had to make my own body for Byron. The recommended one just doesn’t fit well. If you can manage to get the caps around the limbs, they’re bunched up. He really needs a 3/4 arm, full unjointed, side loading leg body.

Can you buy that design or do you have to make them? I cant sew to save my life or have the right materials

Switch your strings out for zip ties and it will work.

Thank you for all the help you’ve given me and I’m sure I’ll be back soon for more of your wisdom

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The body for mini Zane by Marita Winters should fit much better. You can get it at

Yes switch to zip ties and also put clear polish in the flange in inner ring so it moves more easily.