Mineral spirits vs oderless thinner

So i went to Hobby Lobby to get some Mona Lisa Oderless Thinner and they were out so i bought Masterpiece Oderless Thinner instead. Well i must say i love this so much better. It flashes within minutes so i can bake sooner unlike the M.L. which took 20 minutes to flash. And it was $2.00 cheaper and you can print out a 40% coupon from your computer to use. But the coupon is good for one item only.

Here’s a little info I found that might be helpful.
This is from the internet.

I will make it simpler for you to understand. Mineral spirit is used for dilution of oil based paint and also for cleaning of brushes. Paint thinner is used for dilution of varnishes, quick drying and spray paints. Thinner can also use for cleaning and or removing oil based paint. Both of them are from the same family, the by product of crude oil.

Oh wow I will have to buy that one next time- I have a giant thing of mona lisa and it never flashes off- it takes like you said 20 mins. i thought this was the way it was

‘flash off’ means when the thinner evaporates and you are left with the paint and you can heat-set. It looks dry…

You really don’t have to wait for it to flash off. The only thing is that you will have more fumes to deal with when it’s wet.

Katy— or maybe it should be

I wait for the thinner to evaporate first before i bake and then look over the parts again in case there is paint in the creases, toenails that i need to fix. Easier to fix before baked.

Since none of those aren’t available in Croatia, I’ve tried a few other products. The first one was a strong solvent used for cleaning brushes. And while it works great on stripping paints, as a thinner was catastrophic LOL The paint would turn to jelly after a few minutes hahaha!
The other one was oily thinner for oil paints. Worked good, but was a pain to wait for it to dry out. And even then the colors wouldn’t always stick to the vinyl after numerous bakings. The third one I tried was artistic turpentine, for oil paints as well. This is my favorite now. It drys out within minutes, the paint sticks well (no need to redo the baking). The only negative thing about it is that I don’t like the smell, and the color blending is harder because it drys out so fast. Especially while using a berry maker. But still very workable. Ah well, you make the best of what you’ve got