Mime Dominic and his 3 awards at DOTWE 2023 show

Now I finally can share my DOTWE contest baby - mime Dominic and thank @JoyW for that inspiration! I fell in love with your mime as soon as I saw it and wanted to paint mine immediately.

His new Mama (sculptor and artist Ashten Bryant) named him Marcel and that is such a perfect name for him!
I researched miming before I painted him and this is what Wikipedia said “Mime has been performed on stage, with Marcel Marceau and his character “Bip” being the most famous.”
While miming started in Greece and Rome, French actors really adopted it and developed it. And of course my favorite mime-art adopter of all times is Charlie Chaplin. He wasn’t dressed as a traditional French mime, but he adopted his own style for silent movies of that era. I tried to make Marcel’s costume as close as possible to the traditional French mimes. So that is an explanation to his French teem.

I am so grateful for all that recognition to the show attendees and judges!


You should really be soaking it in and proud of yourself as we all are! Congratulations!

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Thank you so much! :heart:

Congrats on the awards and the sale! Marcel is the perfect name :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank so much! :heart:

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He is soooo sweet!!! Congrats on THREE awards!!!

That is awesome!!! :heart::blue_heart::heart::blue_heart:

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Well deserved! Congratulations! :tada: So happy for you!

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Congratulations!!! How exciting!

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Well deserved Yelena. You should be proof yourself.

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Congratulations like your mime

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Congratulations! I love everything about him! His outfit is perfection!

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Thank you so much, ALL! Much love back to you! :kissing_heart: :hugs:

Nobody warn me about ‘After the Show’ life. I think I didn’t type that much even in my college years! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Especially on the Facebook :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Wow what a honor! Congratulations!!

He was just stunning! You did so well with creating the character and display. I was today years old when I realized he was Dominic under there :rofl:

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Congratulations my dear @YelenaRey You have it well deserved! Your work is amazing!

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Tank you so much, @Londa123 @Alypants @Cyn

I love this picture with his new mom Ashten Bryant :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
She was walking in the aisles caring him at the end of the show :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I think that mime was one of Joys first reborns, she nailed it, and I believe she sold it quickly. I can see why you were inspired. How cool to win an award!!!


Yep… @YelenaRey gave her credit for the inspiration.