Milou Wosnjuk :)

Anybody see Evelina’s newest kit? Supposed to be Lelou’s twin…looks more like Milaine’s twin to me. :slight_smile: But still a cutie.


She’s too cute. Is she a LE? Has she not been released yet? I’m not finding her anywhere.

She’s cute!!

I saw her on Fine Artistic Dolls FB page…I don’t think she will be LE. :smile:
Fine Artistic Dolls

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I seen her she is a cutie! but Leelu was a problem child for me with ya izzy I don’t think she looks like Leelu at all.:grimacing:

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Awww…she’s cute. I love her work.

Love this kit!!!

I love her sculpts I want to do a few more after I do Elodie :smile:

Does look like milaines twin…lol

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