Milk bumps

i decided to try out the milk bump application. i used paint straight no thinner and used the tip of a needle touching the nose gently. it works really well for me. hopefully it will show up in the picture on this forum. in the picture i have from my phone i can see the bumps no problem but i know the forum losses detail clearity


I see them! What color did you use? The nail tip color?

that is exactly the color i used…lol im thinking of pouncing an extremely thin flesh color to make the bumps look less white. in person the milk bumps can be veiwed alot easier.

They do look good, but here’s a tip for you. Mix your paint with glazing gel, then apply wherever you want. This way will give them a raised affect. :smile:

They show up fine on my computer. Great job. I haven’t done any yet on my babies. I’m afraid they’ll look like zits, ha ha.

Give it a try, you can always wipe it off if you don’t like it. :hushed:

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thats why i didnt use a paintbrush to apply them…lol

ill have to get some glazing gel…thank you for the tip :slight_smile:

No problem, :smile:

Is glazing gel better than thick med.? I haven’t tried milk bumps yet