Mick - Adrie Stoete - Kit Pictures Added

Did anyone else receive theirs yet? I arrived home from my surgery travel today to find his kit awaiting me, and what a nice surprise it was!! His lips (lip? :sweat_smile:) are even cuter in person.


I didn’t order him but I want him! He’s really sweet and small


Wow! I did not know he was available yet I thought it was still Pre-Order. He is too adorable


I think he’s really precious but that’s a lot too pay for a preemie kit.

I have been trying to decide if I want him or not ever since he went on preorder. He still not in here in Europe. I need to look at him some more :wink:

I’ve been waiting to get that kit! He was the one I was going to order during MacPhersons offer but PayPal wasn’t working. Is he a really tiny preemie? I love that lip!

He’s not too tiny but he is small-just 16 inches.

Photos here!! Also shows his size (she has small hands though :blush:)


I love this size baby. He is precious! I think I might just need to get him!

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