Michigan and area free dolly gettogether march 2,3,4

Michigan and surrounding area, DOLLY GET IT TOGETHER WEEKEND…FREE

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Subject: Michigan and surrounding area, DOLLY GET IT TOGETHER WEEKEND…FREE Today at 22:12:54

On the Weekend of March 2,3,and 4th 2013, several of us have come together to have a Winter Get ready for Spring Reborners get ttogether for some food, some fun, a jammy party, a baby swap, some baby making and some real good old down cabin fever PARTY

WHEN: March 3-5 …10951 Boyce Drive , Chelsea Michigan 48118, Tom and Joy Franklin’s home. We will start welcoming guests anytime on Friday and continue on into the weekend. Come for one day, 2 days all 3 days or even stay over awhile and we will put you on the chore list! The point it…just come. Have fun in a safe, friendly and funny atmosphere.
We have dogs and cats who generously have allowed us to live with them in this house so, please keep that in mind if there are any allergy issues to consider.

WHERE: See above. We can accomodate up to about 8 adults in sleeping bags and air mattresses and on couches and recliner chairs and the floor. I have ONE twin bedroom that is available also at this exact moment. You are all welcome to stay here free of charge. But, if you would rather have the privacy that a hotel affords you we have two about 7 miles south in the Village. Comfort Inn and Suites, and also Holiday Inn Express.

FOOD: Please bring your favorite dish to share/pass and my husband will be doing all the cooking for us for the rest of theweekend. His specialty is salmon on the gril with somekind of yummy reduced sauce on it and lots of redskin potatoes and roasted asparagus with toasted almonds and pine nuts. that could be lunch…with Tom who could tell? I guarantee you will not go home hungry for sure. Please bring your drink of choice like your favorite pop etc.

We have a large house, not very clean, sits in the middle of 11 acres of harwood forest. We are bordered on 3 sides by state land and wildlife abounds. Deer, turkey, Fox, birds iof all kinds, opposums, raccoons and of course our dogs and cats and our great grand son Micheal Patrick! Our house has 3 modern complete bathrooms, a good sized kitche with 2 full size electric Jenn Aire Ovens for baking babies if we choose alon gwith a halogen table top oven. For those of you who have mobility challenges we have installed a chair lift elevator on our staircase so that I can go from up to down without having another Pulmonary embolism or heart attack. LOL

PLEASE KEEP THIS ON YOUR SCHEDULE> If you are thinking about coming please drop me a line and let me know, what I want to do right now is get a good idea of the numbers that may come and try to fix any probs that could arise at any moment.


People already coming for sure: Linda Heinlein, Nascargrammer, Michele (2nd Childhood Nursery), Carolyn Duff (Carolyn’s dollhouse, Barb Gasch from Toronto…Lullabies and FLutterbies Nursery and Joy Franklin , Nana’s Joyful Babies.

Oh wow I so wish I could come! IT is drill weekend and I have no idea how many hours I would have to drive to get there. I will still keep this in my little brain. I want to learn so much.

I bet that would be such a great time!

You can mapquest it using 48118 as the zip and it will give you a really good idea how far it would be to drive. If any of you would like to fly in, then Lansing Capital Airport in Lansing Michigan is a good alternative to Detroit Metro. We have people willing and able to do airport pickup or train or bus…whatever pickups needed and we might even take you back too! LOL


Dear Joy, I would love to come! You guys are only about an hour or so from me, maybe a little more. I am in Ida, Mi. not that far away. I can’t believe someone from here lives that close to me, exciting. I live out in the country,too, with a large fur family. I have 3 grandchildren, 2 great-grandsons, all close by. Thanks so much for your having a gathering like this!

Oh dang over 11 hour drive.

It sounds like so much fun. I wish I could go.

Ladies it is getting closer and closer and we are getting an amazing response! I guess we are all a bit hungry for each other’s company after being cooped up in this weather! Man it is cold outside! And so deceptive! Bright blue sky and sunshine and negative temps!

I need to get an accurate count of who all is planning on coming. Come for the whole weekend from Friday the 1st thru Sunday the 3rd…or come for just the day on Saturday or even Sunday. I just need to know who all is coming and who is planning to sleep at my house. It is filling up fast also! LOL

We have about 15-17 ladies who have already committed…and there are more who I have not heard back from.

Please contact me quickly.
Email is best........joysown@aol.com I check it frequently.