Michael and Hope

Does anyone know anything about the Hope kit by Sabine Hansen or the Michael kit by Jane Collingwood? Most kits I have, I know a round about idea of what their worth to sell but i have no clue with these. I just bought these 2 kits a couple if weeks ago and I cant find much info of them price wise what they would sell for. Hope is supposed to be a 27 week preemie. I believe but she is so precious I dont know if I could even sell after after I bring her to life! Any info would be appreciated! I will post pics of each kit in the comments (not my pic, just the pic off the website)

I don’t think the age of the kit makes a difference in the selling price. I think an older kit may sell faster because there aren’t 300 versions of it currently out there. JMO


Oh gosh. I couldn’t sell Hope. At least not right away. I have a soft spot for preemies.

Me too! I have had 2 preemies, one at 32 weeks and one at 34 so I think that’s why. They just steal my heart! I have 2 Ashley’s. Hope is still just a blank kit and I already want to snuggle her lol

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