Mical by Bonnie Sieben (full body softline vinyl)

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this little guy— he’s made from the super soft LDC-style vinyl, and he’s ball jointed like Coco Blick. The verdict is, I love him! He’s so flexible and easy to dress, and I love how he feels. Take a look!


He is adorable! I’d love to paint one. I’ve been looking at them from time to time.

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I have him. Mine is a her. Second mom. Her head wobbles because I think there is too much stuffing in the head. I don’t know how to fix. :flushed:

I had trouble positioning the head. It was a little tricky

Darling Baby!!! :blush:

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Very cute!!

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Wow what an adorable baby!!

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He is precious!

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I got so excited i thought you were selling. i think this kit looks sorta like my daughter.the expression at least.