Met a fellow reborner that lives in the area!

I was on Facebook marketplace this morning and saw a doll for sale in my area. Contacted her and chatted for a long time. Exchanged numbers and plan to meet sometime soon. So excited! I definitely wasn’t expecting that bonus! Before the closest was over 4 hours. The trip involves a drive, ferry ride, drive but i go her way every few weeks. Well worth it! Plus almost everything I do involves a ferry ride… except beach trips! And trips to see grandkids


That’s great! You’ll love being able to meet with someone. :smiley:


How exciting :grinning: I’m so happy you found a fellow reborn artist close to you!! :heartpulse:

That is awesome. I wish I’ll find someone close. I’m all alone here in Jersey. If it wasn’t for your ladies here I would have stop reborning a long time ago. It is hard to stay motivated when you don’t have anyone to share the hobby with.


You will really enjoy this! I met another reborn artist who lives about 40 min from me and we help each other out all the time now. Different styles- but when she needs something I have, I’m happy to let her have it. I have also just turned a friend into a new artist by having her make her first with me- for her daughter’s gift. It’s been so much fun and given us a chance to catch up (we taught together many years ago.) Enjoy!