Is anyone interested in seeing some Mermaids (other than Mischell Clymer)? I think that is a LE of 650. I would like to see a 19-20" size. Maybe Denise could sculpt one???

You can make any baby into mermaid. I do not really like the Clymer one, she is too chubby with too short tail, no elegance at all. Here is mine:

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I see what you mean. Is her lower body just a fabric that you have stuffed and attached to a torso?

Shawna Clymer actually did Pearl Mermaid and she was Violet on a mermaid body and is probably the size you were looking for. Personally, unless you are making a mermaid for yourself, you might want to stick with “babies”. The mermaids don’t seem to do well for sales! Pretty limited market,

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hmmmm - I actually thought they might be an interesting seller-----------------

Yes. I used a long stocking with poly beads wrapped in wadding for the tail. The tail is also stretchy and so is bendable and feels like a fish tail.

Well - I am probably not going to pursue this then. I haven’t seen any upper torsos and would hate to have to cut up an all vinyl body just to be able to attach a tail to it. :frowning:

I just used ordinary fabric body and attached the tail from waste down.