Has anyone made a Mermaid Reborn? What I am meaning is a reborn with an upper body and a fish lower body (perhaps made with fabric and weighted with PP and fiberfill)??


I am talking about making the lower body the mermaid (so no lower limbs), but still have the upper body with arms. Is this a crazy idea or is it do-able ??


Great idea Judy!

ok…I’m trying to think this through…I am assuming you would alter a body to have a beautiful sewn tail on the bottom. What would you put on the top. regular baby clothes don’t work
but a really pretty top made especially for a baby mermaid would be soooooo cute. DO IT!!! I want to watch!!! What sculpt were you thinking about???

Cindy, I’m thinking the lower body would be the mermaid tail, so maybe take a doe suede body and cut it at the middrift, sew it to the “tail” section, weight and stuff as usual.

I am not sure about the top as far as clothing, but the "tail section could be a beautiful “mermaid” (colorful) fabric - maybe even like a brocade. Someone who sews bodies could make the top with a contrasting fabric (this would NOT be me).

I hadn’t even thought about what doll to use - I guess I’m just in the early planning stages. I was sitting with friend of mine today who is also a crafter and we were throwing around some new ideas for this year.

Any ideas from ANYONE are welcome.

My friend makes mermaid tails and sell them in her Etsy shop
Reserved for Amanda Mermaid Tail Photo Prop Newborn to 3 - Etsy … photo-prop

I could also see a body made from “scale” print fabric that is shaped like a normal body at the top and fish tail at the bottom.
That would be neat.

Any of you ladies - feel free to take off on this idea of mermaid (or merman). I may be a while getting to this.

I’m going today to check out some fabrics and play with some ideas. Hopefully I will get inspired at Joann’s.


heres my mermaid baby…the outfit came off a walker type doll i found at goodwill…the top was bra type so i put it behind his head and down over where the torso plate and arms met to cover the seams…i had fun with him…sage

SWEET LITTLE MERMAN! I just love the creativeness and the tail!