Memory foam

Hi I want to make my baby heavy at least 9.5 lbs do you think I could use shredded memory foam to add more weight then fluff?

I would not use Memory foam for more weight I don’t think the baby would be cuddly enough but you can use Steel Shot it’s pretty heavy and you can place them in a stocking inside the body instead of glass beads.


A 9 pound reborn baby will be very heavy feeling…


Since dead weight feels much heavier than live,a 9.5 lb baby is going to be really heavy.I hope you won’t be carrying it around.The only ones I weight anywhere near that much are toddlers.


9.5 pounds??? I gave a woman a 5 pound baby and she guessed it weighed 10 pounds. If you weigh the baby correctly, you’ll end up getting that realistic feel that makes you think it’s heavier.


Thanks everyone, good suggestions