Memories... My first reborn

According to Facebook, I finished my first reborn 4 years ago today, and Y’all, I was SO PROUD of this hot mess. :joy::joy::joy:

I had never heard of directional rooting (or eyelashes, apparently) and I was so very pleased with my creation!

This is my latest little guy, several thousand hours of YouTube tutorials later:


It’s so fun to compare the first to the latest! Look at how far you’ve come!!


You’ve come a long way from the first. She’s cute but looks very dolly. I need to keep Ana for when I pass my first 4 years lol.

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I was so proud of my first too!
She was tucked away in a box for a while, I recently got her out again and oh boy. :rofl:

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Ummm hello. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I stripped this and redid it, but it was still ugly. I was so proud! Lol


My first baby was Easton. She did not turn out well, to me anyway. I have had so many compliments on her and I keep telling myself, “They don’t know what they are REALLY supposed to look like”! Anyway, I am working on Grant, Easton’s twin, I guess. I am looking forward to seeing the difference in the two. Maybe it will help me feel better about my painting. :slight_smile: Or not…

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This was a quick phone pic of my current WIP and my first baby a year ago :joy: I was so proud of my first. Yikes.


I aint sharing my first. He was pitiful!

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