Memorial kit

I need help finding a kit that is close to this picture! Help anyone?


BB Samantha for the first picture.

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Maybe Bountiful Baby’s Ladybug… who is actually on sale right now…

Miranda I did look at Samantha and thought it was a good resemblance I think the girl outfit just threw me off. Thanks.

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Yes! Samantha!

Thanks Jeni lady bug is a possibility also

Either Samantha or Ladybug although you’d need to add teeth.

Thank you. I have never done teeth on any of the babies I’ve done so it will be a learning experience. Have to do some reviewing for sure. It is a hard sculpt to find being a little older picture, I guess most of the baby pictures were distroyed so have tried to go by the eyes and chin lines. Going to show her these two for sure and see what she thinks.

Dolls So Real has doll teeth.