Melted baby parts selling idea


I mean, if you can make money off of booboo/melted parts, why not? I just thought it was funny…


oh dear! lol

I saw that on Ebay and thought OMG,some people will try to sell

Have you saw the kits on Ebay that the lady has put together without painting them? They are so ghostly white that all I can think is EEEEK dead baby.She calls them therapy babies,but they worry me looking at them.

I’m really not sure what to say… Wow.

It’s missing the tire tracks!

I gotta say, this is among the most disturbing things i have ever seen. It surpassed disturbing and went straight to sick. Even as a simple prop, I think that’s taking it way too far.

I honestly think it’s an artist that heated her/his oven too high or didn’t check the temp with the thermometer. I think they’re trying to make at least a little money off their melted parts. I agree, it’s a bit disturbing. But you have to give the person props for thinking about a way to sell booboo melted parts.


it is creative. Could you imagine the people passing by while the photo was being taken

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LOL I hadn’t thought of that…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I read the description, and…just…no…:no_mouth:

I seen this on one of my facebook groups and you are correct @Sydster her oven got too hot and melted her baby. It is a little strange but I give her credit for coming up with a nice idea for salvaging the kit. Will be great for Halloween lol.