Melissa George Baby fx Guides

I have all the Baby fx paints included in the intro and ethnic skin tones kits but I didn’t purchase them as a kit, which includes the guides and instructions. Does anyone know if the guides are available somewhere? I’ve searched her website and can’t find them. I’ve tried to message her through facebook and email and haven’t received a response. I don’t want to repurchase paint I already have just to get them.

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There on her website

Any idea where on the site? I can’t for the life of me find them.

I only have the first guide for Caucasian babies. SAved in my photos
It was too big to upload here though I just tried but I could probably email it to you!!

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I agree @Sony72- I tried the directions and has sooooo many problems I almost gave up! With help from @anjsmiles- I am doing a ton better