Edited to update pics:

Here she is in all her clothes.

I have the body stuffed and weighted and I have to say that overall I do not like these toddler kits. Too bulky and not cuddly to me.

I have also been trying to fight to keep it from looking like a boy! That’s why I pierced the ears and gave it a magnetic hair bow. I am going to try to “frilly her up” with clothing because I think I stand a better chance selling her as a girl than a boy since girls usually sell better. Being that the ears are pierced now I kinda have to go with it.

Look about half way down this post on DF and you can see a Melina baby a lady got at IDEX. This is the only other one I have seen other than the prototypes. It has more hair than mine but to me it was too much hair. … a#p1594964

Angie, why dont you give her lower lashes too. That should girly her up some! I’d try a frilly headband as well.

I thought about lower lashes but I don’t have any light brown ones. All I have are black.


Here she is in all her clothes.

She wears 6-9 mos.

She reminds me of Mrs. Beasley for those of us who are old enough to remember that show.

Here she is in all her clothes.

I think she looks cute and I love her Raggie. I think she’d look adorable sitting outside wearing a pair of kiddie sunglasses

Thanks Audrey. At this point I am about ready to give her away!

You can send her my way!
She is cute! List her and see what happens! Someone will love her.

Thank you Karen! I was doing cartwheels last night! I can’t tell you how much I needed the money right now too! Funny thing is we were all starting to really like this doll here and even my husband was saying how real she looked sitting over here in a chair. I was holding her yesterday and thinking “Wow, she really does feel like a real 9 mo old baby!” The lady that bought her had emailed me a couple times about putting her on lay away and then just decided to go ahead and get her. So she is off to her new home today.

I removed the first pics I took because I had updated her pics. If you look at the second post on this page it states:

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Here she is in all her clothes.

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Sorry if that confused you. I will go back and plug this link in the pages where the old pics were.