Megan by pat moulton

So I got an email earlier that Megan had been restocked “moments ago”. Immediately, I went to see (because I couldn’t remember which one she was) and it showed out of stock still. So I’ve checked several times since. Was the email sent in error? Or did she really sell out that fast?

I think it must have been a mistake if your talking about the new one that’s 16in. Believe me I check every day, I can not wait for this one. It looks like she won’t be in until June or later. IT WOULD BE AWESOME IF IT WAS SOONER!!!

I sent a note to BB. Here was the response:


We are very sorry, that email was sent out in error. Megan will not be in stock until June or later. Everyone who was on the notification list for Megan will still be notified when she arrives. Again, we apologize.

Thank you,

Bountiful Baby

Oh boy, i hope when she is in stock they have a lot in stock. She seems to be wanted really bad by a lot of people.

Thanks for checking on that for us, Pia.

yes thanks Pia…I have been bummed all day thinking I missed her because it had been 30 minutes since that email came in before I got online! I have been checking every few minutes to see if there were going to be seconds…you would think they could just as easily send out a “sorry folks…we made an error” email!

Interestingly, people got an email that hadn’t even requested notification! I am certain they will get LOTS of them. Not like a LE kit. I am not worried.

I was sooo disappointed I didn’t get online in time, but feel better now, surprisingly, that it was a booboo!