Megan by Beverly Stoehr

Has anyone here ever done Megan by Beverly Stoehr? If so, can you tell me your thoughts about the sculpt in general. I found a blank kit for a really great price and I love her chubby little face. My dilemma is that if I purchase her she’s going to be reborn as a boy, and part of a 7 baby display, and all of the other sculpts have really nice detail. Aside from their faces of course, their hands are going to be a major focal point. I have not been able to find any photos of Megan that show her level of detail (or lack there of), or any photos period other than her original prototype. There’s got to be someone who’s reborn this little cutie? I noticed that her ears sort of look like cauliflower ears and not very detailed/lifelike, so I’m wondering about the other areas. I’d probably love her for myself if I had her (it’s those damn cheeks), but in terms of the project I’m just wondering if she’d fit in. If that makes any sense? So if anyone has Megan now or has had her in the past I’d really appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks in advance.

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I found these on the web, I hope this worked, I never downloaded to here before


Not one of my favs. The ear looks odd.


Yes, those were the only ones I found too. I just thought it was weird that I couldn’t find more than 3.

My thoughts exactly about the ear. I asked the seller to post some other photos which she did, but it was still really hard to make out any details. I may just have to find another similar size fat baby. idk…

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Crystal by BB is an adorable chubster!

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