Meet trouble

Finally she is done there is a couple things I would have done differently but in all I like how she turned out


What a little darling! I love her hair.

Thank you I think I worked on that hair for over 2 weeks she might get a hair cut I was just so excited to get her together.

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No, don’t cut it. It’s adorable!

Well then I won’t man don’t look at my dirty wall in the other picture cleaning it now yuck lol


LOVE that first picture…oh my gosh…so CUTE!

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I’m a big fan of red hair (my on son has red hair), and she’s a cutie

Thank you she is suppose to look like my youngest who is a red head she doesn’t look quite like her but I do see a resemblance plus she gave me a really hard time. Just like my baby who is now 26😍

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She turned out really cute.

What a sweet little face!

Me too Karen!

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