Meet my new baby, Crystal! :)

Hey everyone, this is Jessica (Denise’s daughter). I am going to hijack Emily’s account for a moment (she’s cool with it, don’t worry) because I just couldn’t resist sharing this new little one with you. :wink: (I don’t really check in often enough to set up my own account, but maybe I should!)

Anyway, I am the mother of the real baby Crystal. When I saw this little one on eBay, I just couldn’t resist her! She is Reborned by Gina from Onesleepingangel Nursery. @Onesleepingangel

I just can’t believe how much she looks like my real little Crystal! Everyone here at Bountiful Baby also told me that she looks like my son. I realized they were right! The first collage is Crystal (at the ages of newborn and 2 months), and the second one is with my son (age 3 months in that picture).

I’m really loving this little girl, thanks so much, Gina! I’m so glad I found your auction! She was harder to resist than chocolate! :slight_smile: -Jessica