Meadow Arcello is here!

She’s so cute!


Oh wow seeing her like this makes me really want her I like the way her torso fits with her legs bent

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How is her vinyl?

Wow I can’t wait I didn’t order the torso can I order it now ?

It’s pretty soft. The torso seems like it is slightly firmer than the rest, but the head is soft and squishy which is nice.

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Any defects, like Huxley?

I’m not sure. I was kind of upset that I had to pay for a cloth body separately when the kit was so expensive. It should have been included IMO.


Yay! Mine shipped last week, but there was no tracking so I have no idea when she will be here :upside_down_face:

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Mine arrived yesterday too. I got one with and one without the torso. I love her! I haven’t checked her over very well. But I did check to see if she has sculpted brows. She does NOT!!! :blush: