May I see your set up?

Please show pictures, if you will of your work spaces/nurseries. We have our house on the market and when we get settled, I’d like to set up a room for painting, photos, ect. Thinking of getting a crib to keep some of my dolls in. Any ideas? Ty and God Bless.


I can’t help you, lol. Mines a mess, I have to get a room set up, so I’m following :blush: I did see a fellow reborner on Facebook who had uploaded a video, I thought her set up was amazing, I’ll have to find it.

There is my amazing craft room. I have waited so long to have this !


I don’t have enough room for a painting set-up, but I display my reborns like this. I like how I can see them all and also easily pick one up if I want to.


That is so nice. Your setup and the way it is so neat. Love it!

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Thank you ! It’s helping me to keep things organized. I am kind of messy…


I have shared these before I think but I will share again. This is my sons old room that I took over when he moved out about a year and a half ago. These pics were taken then. Not a whole lot has changed in it other then I have more stuff now. Lol


I love your parrot and use of space!! Great job!! ty for sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Beautiful!! I can hope! LOL. Do you use the bassinet for your pictures also? Love your room!

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This is a Great space! I love it!! I’m hoping to have something like this!! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for sharing! I Love the idea of this shelf, or bookcase! I have one, it’s my hubbies, but he may be gifting it to me if we move LOL :joy:

I have got to get my space organized. Right now it’s a huge pile of STUFF! Embarrassing. I need to get it organized and find some storage bins.

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Thank you. Yes, I do use it for photos sometimes and also to store finished babies in. I have 2 boppy pillows covered with blankets on my cubby shelves that I store babies on as well.

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My set up is in my backyard. We will be moving this summer and I plan on getting a bigger style with the little front porch…Lowe’s has them and I think they work perfectly if you have the room.


:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: You have a whole baby SHED! Baby barn? Baby barn. I love it!!! That is so cool!


Lol yes. My she-shed is my baby making place. :wink:


It’s my brother’s old bookcase, I got it after he moved, haha.

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Oh goodness a she baby-making shed!! :heart_eyes: