May have to switch

I had an appointment today with a new specialist reguarding treatment for my sarc. The treatment can be rather toxic to my liver and the thinners and vinyl fumes could potentially make it worse (?) something ill have to discuss with him when i see him next week. I REALLY dont want to switch though (just read air dry tricks of the trade and sooo dont want to deal with that, at all, cant teach me anything new!) so im wondering, is there a way to make this a little less toxic?

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I don’t know. I started with air dry and I love them. They’re not that hard to get the hang of. Everything has a learning curve. Genesis isn’t worth risking your health.

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Can you bake outside, maybe? Would that help? :confused:

No, i cant bake outside, i live in an apartment complex, in incredibly close quarters at that. Ill look at air dry, but i dont think I can even afford to switch right now either so this might mean another really long, forced “break” from reborning.

I use Liquitex Professional Soft Body paints. I got mine at Michael’s and they were reasonably priced. I use primary washes for the flesh tones and mix my own colors for everything else. The air dry users here can give you advice and tips.


I dont see any options for baby fx for just simple red yellow or blue, they are all frustratingly named. What colors are closest to pyrolle red, ultramarine blue, genesis yellow, burnt umber, and earth mint? I use the primary color technique and am pretty set in it and dislike change (if you cant already tell…) but i also like my liver (and lungs, apparently this drug can mess those up too. Forgot about that…) but i love my genesis sooooo much. Why oh why cant it be thinned with water and heated vinyl not be toxic?

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@jeanhai do you think jo anne’s would offer this paint? Or hobby lobby? Is there a special primer i have to use to get it (or any air dry) to stick to the vinyl? Any special tools id need? If this wont break my bank and i can still use my primary method i might be able to do this! Its just kinda frustrating that i finally got used to one medium and now i may be forced into another. And air dry is not toxic right? How do i strip if i make a mistake?

Are air dry paints more expensive? Asking as I’m considering switching myself.

Liquitex Professional Soft Body paints are considerably cheaper. There are different grades of air dry paints-student, artist, and professional. The professional grade has the highest light fastness rating and are archival quality. This is what you want regardless of the brand. I mix a very small amount of Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel in with the paints and seal with Liquitex Matte Varnish.I wash my doll parts with Dawn dish soap, then wipe them down with alcohol and wash and dry one more time. Then I start painting. So far I haven’t had a problem with the paint adhering. Baby FX is about $50 for a starter set of 8 10 ml bottles plus mediums and instructions. I haven’t used Miracle Blend. Dolls By Sandie has individual 1 oz tubes for $3.99 each. Or a starter set of 23 colors and 8 mediums for $99.20. I also haven’t used Art and Magic Waterborne but there are people on the forum that like these two brands. All of them go a long way… I do not recommend Luminaire. They come off easily and their customer service is terrible.

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