Matte varnish experiment

I posted a small video to my You Tube this weekend. I made it a while ago but I have had no time to edit.

If some of you are running low on varnish and are wondering what might work this may help. Please note that I did paint and matte varnish (lightly) that belly plate with regular GHSP matte before the experiment. My reasoning was that we know air dry works on air dry.

I brushed on the air dry varnish, let it cure for 24 hours then sprayed it with mohair conditioner to see if it would hold up, and it did. I didn’t record this but I also put GHSP varnish over the airdry to see if it crackled, blistered or changed color. it didn’t it was fine.

Remember to mix your varnish well, dilute if you need, use a sponge not a brush, and try it out on a test part first.


I just posted a video about that too :smiley:
Not in English and less detailed thought.

It’s amazing how much questions I got asked about this. I will refer my english viewers to yours.

You will have success with this one !


Great video. Thanks for sharing your results. How many of these are UV protective? I’ve had very good results with DecoArt DuraClear Ultra Matte Varnish (UV protective) as a primary seal with Americana Soft Touch Varnish (not UV protective, hence the DuraClear first) as a final seal.


I actually watched this video last night. It’s very informative. Thank you for posting it.

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I truly appreciate you for doing this! Have a restful night.

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Right on. I love it that you have one in another language, PM me the link if you have time.

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