Matt varnish turned chalky

Hi everyone, I finished mt doll and decided to pencil in the hair, it wasn’t working well so I applied matt varnish to help with the pencil. Well the head got chalky I have not baked it so what can I do to get rid of the chalky

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Genesis matte?

Bake it a couple of times

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Yes it is Genesis matte

Do I still bake it @ 265 for 8 min times 2

You should bake it twice (cooling between) BEFORE the prisma is drawn on.

Then varnish and bake again after. Bake twice again cooling between


Agree with this. Genesis gets chalky when not baked long enough.

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Thanks ladies i will bake tomorrow

Yep… bake as usual. And I bake 3 times… cooling and flipping between each bake