Match this baby to a kit...please!

I really need help. Usually I can instantly match a baby to a kit. This one has me stumped. It’s a custom for a friend so it needs to be a BB kit if possible. Does Kimber come to anyone’s mind?

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@kristi is the expert at kit matching!


Thanks Pia.

The facial expression reminds me a bit like punkin. Cute baby!

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Maybe raine?


I agree Punkin is a close match. I have the kit but noticed it has dimples on the cheeks. My friends baby did not have dimples. I looked at my Morgan kit and the head is a little too square. Does anyone think Kimber? I’ve not seen this baby in person so this is a tough one.

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I think Punkin’s a good match, too.

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Juliana by sandy faber check macphersons or nala faber

Nala is a really good match.

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I totally agree with the eyes and turned up little nose. :smile:

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