Masterpiece Eye Sale

Received this email if anyone is interested.


Dear Friends and Customers,

From now through midnight Sunday March 21st you will receive a 40% discount on every pair of Masterpiece Eyes that you order! No Limit!!

As many of you know, we rarely h ave these sales.

To receive the 40% discount just enter the promo code: SAVE40 in the shopping cart as you are checking out.

Or you can call or email us with what you would like to order.

(Note: There are more colors available in our shopping cart than are displayed on our color charts.)


Masterpiece Eyes
www.Masterpiecee or (same site)
ph. 678-815-2765


How do you see what can be ordered? None of the links on the site work for me.

Try this link, and at checkout use the code : SAVE40

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I’ve never used soft glass eyes. What are they like?

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These are amazing. :flushed:

Good question, are these the type of eyes that tend to collect dust?

It says they can be squeezed in the kits from the front.

Who has had experience with these?

I heard they collect dust too but I have a pair in a doll for I think 2 1/2 years and they look fine.

How is Shipping Usually?

I used to order Masterpiece eyes years ago. In looking through the selection, now, I don’t see polyglass eyes like the ones I ordered in the past. I’m not a fan of the soft glass, as the irises are smaller and the silicone catches dust. Sorry, ladies, I didn’t realize this when I posted the link.

Still a really interesting alternative for eyes!

I see lots of pretty colors and one of a kind patterns.

Plus ease of use for those who have a hard time putting them in from the inside.


I wonder if glossing them with Pledge would cut down on the attraction of dust. My acrylic eyes get kind of cloudy after a while. I clean them easily with a damp Q-tip.


I had a pair of the Eyeco soft glass and nothing adhered to the silicone part. I never tried Pledge, though.

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Yes, I’ve used soft glass one time and will never do it again. Every piece of fuzz and dust in my apartment collected on those eyes. Had to rinse them off well before inserting them.


They do collect dust, using a makeup brush works.

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If the eyes are part silicone, wouldn’t contact with vinyl cause them to break down and go oily?



@TrinityCrystal that is a scary thought!