Mary jo love

This doll has absolutely stolen my heart. @DMHStudio did an amazing job sculpting her. I know for a fact I won’t be able to let her go. I had to give in and take some quick pics before painting


I’m painting her right now too. She is so stinking cute. Did you see that Doris is having a Mary Jo painting contest? The info is on Facebook. Winner gets to paint a prototype. :blush:


I did and was excited to enter. But unfortunately it’s decided by likes and not by artistic merit. I don’t have any sort of following to vote for me, and I’d rather not stress just to be disappointed. I understand prototypes are about advertising ability, but I have no chance to win a popularity contest.


Yeah I’m disappointed in that too. It’s a popularity contest instead of a talent contest. But in a way that’s how prototypes are. They don’t want to give prototype jobs to people without a huge following. But I still don’t like it.
Also, she said prototype artists get about 3 weeks to complete a prototype. I can’t do that. My babies take forever. I can do alternatives faster if I need to. But Sarah Mellman gives about 6-8 weeks to get them done. I managed to complete my prototypes Hans and Anna Banana in less than 2 weeks. But my Benny Minotaur took about a month. I like doing them for Sarah. I never feel stressed for time.