Market Glut

Just a comment …I just went to look at my one reborn on she hadnt.sold yet and its been 2 months maybe ? Last few years I usually have sold in a week.
Could be the doll but HOLEY MOLEY the amount of reborns on there now is astounding!!
Usually 2 pages long Now the pages are 100 dolls and i went through 4 pages and still were more!! .I did see mine twice so some may be repeats but still… Market is glutted!!


Many of the pictures are repeats. Not sure why. The number of dolls that it says are on the site (currently 5,341) includes dolls that have been sold. I think it would be better, and more effective, to just say how many have been sold. If I were looking for a reborn to buy, I would find it very daunting to think I had to look through that many thousands of pictures to find the baby I wanted.


Yes dolls that have been sold added in tells us nothing .
They should have how many.are for sale each page and no repeats
Sold may tell those who want to list that dolls are sold .
I always see some repeats of the same doll here and there Hopefully their are MANY in that huge list lol


I agree. It would be more accurate to say how many are for sale instead of how many are on the site.


It said 5,341 6 hours ago? Now it’s up to 5,408 just imagine what the number will be when the holiday season starts. :flushed:


Well, I guess we should look at it as lots of choices for buyers and wish each other good luck. :hugs::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Thats about all you can do!

I guess many people see it as a lot of competition but everybody has their own style of painting and I figure it just gives buyers plenty of choices to pick from.No matter where you list,unless it is your own page,you will have others listing.That said,I have not sold a baby in 10 days and still painting away over here.


Me, too. Sales or no sales, it’s my favorite thing to do.


I dont.worry much about other artists.True we each have our signature paint jobs and it just takes someone to want your doll her face looks

I have had Zuri up for 5 weeks I think !!!
Record no sale. Seems she’s my albatross!!
A lot of fishing and a couple "I’m buyings"but she hasn’t sold yet and ive been super slow getting others out there this year. Lot going on.I need to step up my game lol
I also have Landon awskevto put up but he looks so mean! and painted hair but.think he needs rooting hair


It has been 2 weeks since I have sold one on but before that was well over a month - my sales lately have been local and by word of mouth.

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I get worried about the market being oversaturated with:

1.Crap China 89.00 babies (only because they list them as silicone reborns and they are not and some people do not know the difference so that takes sales away from real artists.)

  1. “Custom Artists” who use other artists photos to market their work, and charge 700.oo a baby to some poor soul who doesn’t have a clue, and that devalues our work and takes potential clients away from artists who can and do really good work.

  2. Bad babies…you have seen them, sharpie eyebrows, dog hair eyelashes… I love it when people make art, and there is an artists in everyone but…sometimes that art is for you. If you are just beginning gift those babies to a nursing home, a niece, a nephew, don’t throw them up on a platform for sale. You gotta ease your way in, wait until your skills are marketable, depend on you peers (forums) to give you some honest critique so you can improve and make that awesome baby that you can proudly put out in the world.

Good artists who are making some very amazing babies are few an far between. This is a small community so it feels like there is a lot of competition but very skilled artists are not slowing down sales.

If you have a baby that won’t move figure out why. Ask for critique from peers. Take a look at your prices and other babies being sold (your sculpt, your skill level, be honest) and see what people are willing to pay. Look at your styling and photography. If you are new and/or funds are tight you can still create a nice photo. Natural light trumps expensive lighting any day. Have a couple cheap props (raid the kids toy box). You don’t need expensive outfits the simpler the better. Don’t fill that box up with a bunch of crap give-away stuff, take the price down instead.

Create your own style, do what you love and do it well, don’t chase prototype artists and try to be them, let them inspire you but find your own artistic voice. Check you The Twisted Beanstalk. She is a great example of finding your own niche.

She can paint, she is a good artist and she can make a nice (normal) reborn but she does what she likes to do and she does it well.

Find what it is you do well and do it, the right people will find you.

If sales are very slow at a time when they should be picking up it’s just feedback and may mean a simple tweak will get the ball rolling again.

*I have not been reborning very long but I have been a working artist a very long time and art is art.


All true .
But he Bad babies with marker eyebrows aren’t really competition at all i dont think so no problem .
The crap China that say silcone vinyl ARE because as you say people don’t understand you can’t mix silicone and vinylWon’t stick so just lying because silicone is the new GOTTA HAVE.and people not knowing about either or true silicone pricea …buy.Think $100 buys a real silicone
I had a doll up local someone said I can buy one for $89 I went through all the reasons BAD babies may have things wrong with them and where they are like… EBay China dolls Ashton Drake brand new doll makers some of which use dirt play sand big glass beads rocks gravel and rags to fill their dolls or have paint that comes off from under baking… hair not glued well comes off etc.
I have to admit the doll I haven’t sold I usually do more than one photo shoot
If longer than a few days you don’t sell on EBay too much junk up really cheap Too many scammera today I try as you say different clothes
different backgrounds and I really haven’t wirh her .It does payoff too.
I’ve sold these dolls 3 or 4 years for15 years many things I’ve made I sold on eBay including oil paintings miniature OAK clay babies other art work…and local too So i know the tricks I just haven’t put much effort into her and she isn’t the cutest doll I’ve done.My fault.