MARISSA MAY Day! All Marissa Kits JUST $14.98!

Today (Friday) is MARISSA MAY day! We have put ALL Marissa May kits on sale for JUST $14.98!

Hurry, because this sale is “while supplies last”, or until the end of the day, and we are actually low on stock on some of the Marissa May kits right now.

Bountiful Baby

My budget was gone too per my hubbys request lol. Thanksgiving trip and Christmas present buying takes priority at the moment. Soooo… I helped my aunt out this week cleaning houses and earned some extra dolly cash :slight_smile: Got me Eden and a Sam just now. I was saving up for a Realbaby kit but its hard to justify one kit when I can get multiple kits. The more kits I reborn the better I get and I’m going to need all the experience I can get for when LeeLou is released. She will be my first LE kit and I don’t want to mess her up.

Hello everyone! I am new to the reborn world. My name is Tina and I have just purchased the Liam kit. I have been waiting a very long time for this one to go on sale so imagine my surprise when I saw it available at this amazing price. This kit will be a gift for one of my friend’s daughters. I also want to purchase the Lexi kit as well for her other daughter, but I am trying to hold out until it goes on sale again. Anywho, I am very excited and happy to be joining you all on this forum. I can’t wait to start my very first doll and post pictures. I hope that I do a good job, as I have been doing lots of research over the past two years so that I may familiarize myself of this craft.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank You!