Making reborn bottles with baby powder?

Those who make reborn bottles with baby powder and water, can you leave it in the bottle or will it go moldy? Since it’s not food product?

Never heard you could do that. I wonder, does the powder stay blended or looks flaky in any way??

I never heard of this, either. I haven’t found any method that doesn’t separate so I paint the inside of my bottles and fill them with polypellets.

I make mine with fabric softener and water with a little bit of vanilla to give it a better color. It has not separated or gone bad in over a year.


I wanted a bottle for my reborn so I bought one that was “leak-proof and sealed with glue”. Within five minutes of receiving it it was leaking and the top came straight off. I poured it down the drain and filled the bottle with those squishy baby fat pellets instead. They are opaque in color singly but when bunched together they look white, they flow realistically right into the top of the bottle which doesn’t need sealing as they can’t leak out and if for some reason they do you just pick them up back into the bottle. Easy! They won’t turn bad either. I think it’s much safer than putting liquid near an expensive and valuable doll.


I use sunscreen and it lasts forever without separating or going bad.


Does using lotion go bad or moldy if you leave in a baby bottle for a long time?

Sunscreen and water?

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Yep. I use baby sun screen from Walmart and the color is perfect also.

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What brand and how much of it do you use?

This is what I use and a bottle for my drink and wets that has been sitting for 5 days. Not shaken. It just doesn’t separate.

I just squirt a dollop (not one for measuring much) Maybe it’s a tablespoon then I add distilled water to make a few ounces.


That is a good idea for photos. I send my bottles empty or with some polyfil in it, good way of showing what kind of polyfil is in the baby.

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I seal bottles with silicone then use glue and water.

I am going to be selling them in four packs but I have the upside down for 30 days to be sure they will not leak.

I bought some nipples off eBay that doesn’t have hole in them. I use cornstarch and water but it does separate

Good idea!!

I use a white location with contact solution. Any saline solution should work though. I’ve had the same bottle for 5 years now.

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