Making Cuddle Therapy Babies

Has anyone made or contributed babies for cuddle therapy? I am new to reborning, but have been making dolls since the 60s, am now retired, but think making babies for cuddle therapy would satisfy my desire to keep making dolls in this delightful new way without getting into a business. I would like to hear opinions, ideas, or tips from anybody and would welcome any guidance others can share. Lonely and homebound.

Hello Jane, I don’t know anything about making cuddle babies. Are you talking about therapy dolls for dementia patients etc? I do know that they have specific guidelines regarding weight, hair and some other stuff. I’m sure there are some ladies that may be able to help you with the requirements. Nice to talk to you. Don’t be lonely, we are always around to talk to. Take care.

If you do a search on therapy dolls here you should find lots of info as it has been discussed here a lot.

I think there are some details about therapy dolls on the ROSE doll show web site.

Thanks Lynn, for responding even though the field is a bit off-track. You are right about the guidelines for these dolls being on the website. I did go (several times!) to the ROSE website and finally printed out the guidelines and I am trying to follow them.
I should be attending the workshop they will be holding during the doll show but since I cannot, I am trying to draw in the experience through the forum. Thanks for being here for me. I do appreciate your response.

Yes, it was the notice of the workshops being held at the ROSE doll show that ignited my interest. I was all over those pages and others google found for me. It was mostly people who were missing for me. That’s why I showed up here, too!

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Dear Anjsmiles,
There is a method to search files here in the forum on the topic? That would help me to read the previous messages and save you having to repeat things. It is all so new to me. Thanks for pointing me in this direction. Will go see what I can find.

Thanks so much for the link…

Yes Ma’am. Go up to the top right hand corner on the page here and look for the little magnifiying glass. Click on it and a box will come up that you can type your key words in such as “cuddle therapy” or Alzheimer’s, therapy dolls etc. and click on the words that say search this topic. It should bring up all the related past posts and then you can click on each one to read it.

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Many thanks Anjsmiles for the info! I see here that BB is contributing doll kits to make for babies to be donated to the cuddle therapy program. Can any one point out where there is more info on this program? How can we get involved?

maybe @EmilyBB can help you. I didn’t even know they were contributing kits for this. Cool!

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Did anyone read the letter on the It’s under cuddle therapy then cuddle therapy for terminally ill. It’s very touching but a real tear jerker.


Yes! I find all the stories about cuddle therapy very touching. One of my reasons for wishing to join others in part of the program.

You can see some of the residents with their dolls I made here on my website:


this is what I was asking for! Thanks so much for doing this and for understanding my plea. I was all over your pages and loved seeing you, your dolls and the people holding your dolls! I am still blown away by the experience and plan to return to it as soon as I give you my thanks!

Awe I am glad you enjoyed visiting my website!

@jeanhai, here is a pic of a hospice patient that I donated a doll to. My sister who helps care for her says it has brought her a lot of comfort.


That is so wonderful. I made a baby to donate at one point but he’s still sitting upstairs since i didn’t know where to donate him. I hadnt thought about them being distressed by sleepers though. If I can find a place to donate I may make an open eye baby to donate instead.

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mamadar, your posting made me want to nudge some one at BB to put your name and address on a box containing an awake baby kit. You sound like the ideal person to get a kit to finish,

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Angie, I have a question you do not have to answer but I would love to know if St. Mary’s asked you for the donation or if some one gave them your donated baby.