Make your own eyes

look what I came across:
With this kit you get your own eyes for reborn
This kit includes: 2 iris ( 11 mm diameter, pupil:4 mm)+
WHITE POLIMER 30 GR + TRANSPARENT POLIMER 30 GR + 30 ML HOT liquid (monomer) + EYE GLUE SEALANT CHARACTERIZATION 60 ML + Brightness POLISHER FOR ACRYLIC 30 GR + aluminum mold +key to get off tutorial.

And all that for only 300 euros?

make your own


The eyes are impressive!

You can make them yourself for a lot less. Google diy glass like doll eyes. I think @snuggle2me has made some before.


Here’s a cool DIY

You can make them for alot cheaper then that advertisement lol. But making them is somewhat hard. Lots of trial and error. Once i get it all figured out ill share :slight_smile:


Those eyes are awesome :heart_eyes: