Make a Monkey for my little boy

Hi everyone! My little son is so sweet he wants a little monkey (BINDI) made for him – I even finished my Robin Michelle Fagan kit and he said “Mommy when you gonna make me my Monkey?” He loves Monkeys, he plays with a monkey that I had since I was little (I am 24- it is one I always kept because it was my favorite!)

I am hoping my husband is not going to be mad- I have two boys so the only dolls we have in the house is mine-- so that’s not like a doll since its going to be a boy monkey right>? I want to make him one by his birthday he will be 4 (Sept 1st.)
What do you girls think can my hubby say its like a doll no right>? You know what I mean?

That is so true!!! That never ever made sense how boys are supposedly not supposed to want to play with dolls by the stereotype or whatever but then we expect our husbands to help care for the babies… I totally see where you are coming from. I just didnt want to hear my husband say something like “oh now you are making dolls for the boys” or something like that since he is already sick of the reborns because I am always working on them. but i cant help it I love this hobby and I make them clothes too.

I am going to make him one as soon as I get any money at all (which I have to sell 2 babies before I can do that!)

I just made a Robin who’s gonna go on ebay so hopefully she does decent.

and then I have a new Punkin kit here I wish I had bought a bindi head when they were one seconds. not too long ago they had seconds bindi heads and seconds binki bindi limbs and I couldve got the economy body and that baby monkey would have been fairly inexpensive but i was too slow.

Ive seen some awesome bindis and binkis by this woman on ebay she is amazing she recently just made a gorilla baby and a white ape monkey they are beautiful.

but if anyone has a bindi on the cheap cheap or wants to trade for any and all crochet items (booties, layette, hammock, stork pouch, papoose, bonnets, hats, ANYTHING) I can make anything and everything I am an experienced crocheter and I can make whatever you like in whatever color you want for a BINDI trade!!!

I have a monkey. When I look at him, he’s a monkey. Not matter what, he’s a monkey. He doesn’t even come close to beig a doll. Plus, it is something that you created. All the more reason.

Anyone who loves and wants a monkey should have a monkey!

Can you tell I like monkeys. I have 4 larger gorillas on the floor in the corner of my bedroom. I also have a BB monkey. I bought the pre-painted kit one time when it was on sale. I want to try painting one myself some day.

The world loves monkeys and everybody should have one.
Ashley—Grandpa needs a monkey! I bet he will love it.