Maizie came! Yippee!

Well, despite the fact that I couldn’t find a tracking number my Maizie Arcello arrived in the mail! And OMG is she a big baby lol. I knew she’d be an older size baby but I wasn’t expecting for her head to be that huge! Im a little hesitant on how big she is, just cause I lean more toward newborns. Oh well, she’s a cutie anyways. Just gotta get over the guilt of spending all that money now. :laughing:

Here is a comparison pic of her and 16" Addison Molloy.

Ive heard this said about a lot of German vinyl kits but her legs are super duper squishy and soft and her head is a bit firmer. I mean it’s still soft but not squishy.

One thing I thought was interesting was how her eyelid creases aren’t quite completely there. I bet it was a molding issue, not a sculpting one though.


Yes she’s sold out but I bet you a lot of people bought extras so she will be popping up on the secondary market soon! You might be able to snatch one as long as you’re willing to pay inflated prices.

You’re so lucky you got one, Izzy! I’m jealous. But not enough to pay double the price. Will you do her next? I can’t wait to see.

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I don’t paint, but I’m deciding whether or not I should keep her and get her painted by Willow for my collection or not. She’s adorable but soooo big! And I already have plans for 3 babies. Anymore than that and I start to feel overwhelmed lol. I think I’ll just hold on to her in blank kit form for now. :wink:


That is one big baby!!!

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IKR? Her head is as long as Addison’s body!



I see what you mean. She doesn’t have any lips creases, either. Although her feet look rather detailed with various wrinkles.

She is cute and it looks like she has full arms, so she’ll be easier to buy clothes for!


I bought her because of her thighs lol. That sounds so weird now that I type it! I mean, her smile was adorable but really sold me were those huge chunky rolls. I just wasn’t expecting them to be that huge! :laughing:


She is huge! I thought the same thing when my Harlow kit came in the mail last week. Maizie is the same size as Harlow too. I mean, I knew she was a bigger kit than the tiny ones I’ve been painting but you don’t really think that 2 inches or even an inch bigger kit is going to be that big of a difference. Man was I wrong when Harlow got here!


Harlow is that big too? Dang!

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Yes, she’s huge and has a huge weird shaped head and the biggest chunkiest thighs I’ve ever seen! She’s only 21 inches and says she wears 0-3 month clothing but the day she came, I had my 6 month old niece here and held all the parts up to my niece and Harlow was way way bigger and chunkier than her! Harlows head was double the size of hers too!